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very cool stuff

new dustin shepard video featuring sammy vasquez and some mighty tricking:

Sammy Vasquez

he can also be seen together with the usual suspects at a recent tricking battle (highly recommended! keep in mind that this is NOT on a spring floor!!!):

Trick Battle Final on Stage at the US Open ISKA Championship 2010

this one is about rope swinging (yes, it looks like insane fun…):

Truckee river rope swing



yes, it’s tap dancing and yes, it IS awesome! wait for it to unfold in all it’s grace (and adore how Gene Kelly involves his environment in such creative ways):

Summer Stock

This one’s called cheerleading. it’s quite impressive if you ask me:

Unity AllStars at FC Saturday Night Fever 2009

gangstas and bouncing balls

a hilarious video featuring famous team air wipp and jason paul (winner of the art of motion 2010):

double your size double your style

a guy that moves like having some built-in springs:



well, it’s saure gurken zeit so this is not too serious…

this here is a great video (with an awful tune but embrace it nevertheless…), these people look like they enjoy life and isn’t that what it’s all about?


damien walters recently uploaded a new video:

Damien gets his Ass kicked

tik tok

this may not be some world class tricking but you can see the fun they have, it’s perfectly edited (the cover version of this annoying ke$ha-song!), and some tricks are pretty crazy (1:39!)

Sydney Super Session

if one punch mickey was a freerunner…

the crazy russian guys again…i love how casual they throw their flips…and how he “warms up” from 0:49 to 0:54…


so much style, rollerskating parkour-like:

Mathieu Ledoux

hm, that’s some sort of twisted combination of bungee jumping and base jumping:

go fast reverse bungee jump

some fun cliff diving:

shotgun cliff jumping

and some serious cliff diving at really (really!) awesome locations:

some random hole in the jungle

some canyon in bosnia-herzegowina

and so on…

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