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boring freerunning, magical skiing

so there have been a couple of new freerun videos released. some of the wfpf athletes were on an east coast tour, danny ilabaca’ s first videos of his parkour tour emerged, as well as videos of the art of motion in boston. but (at least for me) they are rather boring, lacking some sort of magic. Their editing reminds me of annoying mtv-clips. (the one about parkour in the uk however ist quite interesting, i think)

which finally brings us to a quite magical champagne powder bath and the very reason for this post:

Deep snow at The Canyons P.O.V


trick madness

they are all great but i think anis cheurfa (blueish shirt, black adidas trousers) and daniel graham (light brown shorts) might have superpowers or somethin’:

hurricane jam 3

this is the new sampler of mackensi emory, despite her age probably the best female tricker in the world:

mackensi emory 2010

never getting boring

alexandr gisych and friends, doing what they do best:

zlatoust & moscow

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you know, to get a hint of what to expect...
also, they say a picture says more than a thousand words