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the shit

i mean, this is it! i hope you are sitting comfortably… cause this is a wild ride

This was our GoPro 2010


no title

best bboyin. ever.

The Notorious IBE 2010

oh, and if you don’t want to watch the whole 12mins, watch the second half. it’ll blow your mind…

russian kids playing

it’s so refreshing to watch them messing around like young cats or something. with amazing skills…

again vid in zal (the interesting things go until 5:15)

pk+fr update

8min video from storm freerunning. a bit too cool and too slick for me. but the tricks are certainly great:

storm freerun – volume 1


Danny Ilabaca doing what he does best:

Milan – Danny Ilabaca Parkour Tour


Shade Zlat. i like this best:


oh my…

Danny MacAskill has his new video out.  it’s like a dream but real. stunning elegance, incredible beauty:

“Way Back Home”

ridiculous kicking

this is almost “old” footage showing the guy who wrote “the tricking bible”. i can’t get enough of this…

Sesshoumarou 2008


perhaps it’s the yellow shorts…i should get one myself…

hold thighter!

to be honest, the visual impression of this is not (yet) as impressive as in “hold thight”. but thats only because the engine-wingsuit-flight is still in test mode and they haven’t used a GoPro so far…

“some people have said that i’m a little bit crazy…i think i am”:

wingsuit jet pilot

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Now with pictures!

you know, to get a hint of what to expect...
also, they say a picture says more than a thousand words