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parkourplayhouse ep. 4

so here we have a teaser for the east coast crash tour episode 4

and the actual video (wait for ~5 minutes to watch them unleash all their skills in the gym…)


life’s hard when ur a bitch

the newest tricking shit from dustin shephard aka eldente. this thing (tricking) is getting bigger and better by the minute:

trickadelphia 2010

this is a dream (literally) dreamed by sascha hauser aka cionn:

dream escape

nice lines

to say there are some pretty nice lines flown in this video would be an understatement.

i’d rather call them epic. or pure awesomeness. sick. whatever, you’ll get it…

“that’s what you mean when you say aggressive!”

belgian birds

i love it! they are damn good and this video is so much fun:

indoor training


it’s a shame that i haven’t found this thing sooner, a project of the wfpf.

so here we have a foam- and trampoline paradise (omg omg…):

so much foam


this is the latest stuff:

east coast crash tour episode 3

russian bungee jumping


so, what do YOU do in your free time?

this is madness!



jokke sommer:

dream lines – wingsuit proximity flying

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Now with pictures!

you know, to get a hint of what to expect...
also, they say a picture says more than a thousand words