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body board

i know, the next update is long overdue but there are just too many pk/fr videos lately…can’t watch them all and most of them look all the same to me anyway…

so,  this is something summerly:

Mitch Rawlins

hiding from comfort



i like this:

Nikki Stanley – Skills On Fire


More Than Jumps



SkateHouseMedia’s 2010 compilation…rock ‘n’ roll:



mean kids

it’s been a while since the last martial arts video. here we go:

100 Percent Performance 2011 Preseason Sampler

parkourish stuff

this is really good parkour (the flip-haters probably love it). effortless:

RFA 2010

these kids know what they are doing:


Adrien Rousseau. he’s quite a jumper:

Adrien Rousseau 2011

in 2011…

…you have to kick! and this is how you should do it:

Daniel Graham “2010 love it or hate it”

oh, and somehow i kinda missed this one. after you’ve watched danny graham you might say his style isn’t the right thing for you and you won’t be able to kick like him, consider vellu’s style. waaaaay easier:

Vellu 2010

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Now with pictures!

you know, to get a hint of what to expect...
also, they say a picture says more than a thousand words