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Recently matchstickproductions published a bunch of video segments of their amazing freeski movies. i recommend them all. the whole movies are even better of course…

you can watch them here:

msp on youtube

i especially recommend the Shane McConkey tribute. he certainly was one of THE action sports heroes of our time:

Shane McConkey “IN DEEP, the skiing experience”



i’m sure you’ve already seen aaron fotheringham doing his wheelchair-madness as part of the nitro circus.

well, here we have a very inspirational feature about him:

Aaron “Weelz” Fotheringham

kicks ‘n’ flips

right there are some next level moves…they are called helicoptero or something:

Neil and Devon Tricking


and a new episode of the east coast crash tour is online:

WFPF Presents East Coast Crash Tour Episode 5 Part 1

flip flop tricking…

…is really only a little bonus feature in this awesome video. this guy kicks and spins so fast you get dizzy just from watching it:

ramenfood 2010 sampler

wheelchair front flip

nothing more to say…

Aaron ‘Wheelz’ Fotheringham


this is an awesome inline video, awesome mostly due to the fabulous camera work and the great “choreography”. from beginning to the end the shots are getting better and better:

Razor Swag


yes, it’s a tricking post…

he’s a funny guy:

no profanity

summer tricking:


VERY clean kicks:


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