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this one somehow went under my radar, but here it is now anyway:

Storror Summer

it has a lenght of 19 minuntes and is by the same guys who brought you chaps on tour. enjoy!


everyday life

Ryan Doyle in Turkey, i like the sound editing although it’s not entirely honest:

Ryan Doyle – Time Run Project


Very enjoyable video from Team In Motion:

Different Expressing – Parkour & Freerunning

you can handle it

so, as announced earlier, watch this:

damien walters 2011 official showreel

i believe i can fly full 40mins documentary! only available for a limited time!!! just click play you can still dowload it here for a few bucks…

bonus vid:

Old man doing turtle freeze on a bottle

can you handle it?

this friday awesomness will prevail!

as mentioned in the blog entry before this one, on 11 11 11 damien walters’ 2011 showreel will be released. perhaps even better, the documentary by seb montaz (check this post) will be available for free this day:



while waiting for friday check this out:


something’s coming…

…on 11.11.11 and it’s gonna be huge:

Damien Walters 2011 Teaser -> check out the final showreel

in the meantime you can watch

Alexandr Gysich


Erik Mukhametshin


Matt Gerdes


Javier Macias and Moe Alafrangy

However, i recommend watching them all of course!

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Now with pictures!

you know, to get a hint of what to expect...
also, they say a picture says more than a thousand words