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167th post

2nd episode of DO IT and it’s awesome of course. nice music too:

DO IT – The Circus (EP02)


parkour action in lisbon – massive jumps and an already infamous double kong attempt:

Storror – Lisbon Has Us Now

Lisbon twenty twelve


swag: check

look at her dancing. i mean, right there everything comes together perfectly. i’m in awe:

Soraya “Who is he” Ladies of Hip Hop | YAK FILMS | Brooklyn New York

new showreel from nikki stanley (i think i still like skills on fire better, though):

Nikki Stanley – Eclipse (OFFICIAL)

sebastien montaz-rosset

remember this name! he’s the one who brought you “i believe i can fly” and his next project about geraldine fasnacht is on the way, to be released on march 8th.

One Step Beyond trailer

what i love so much about his filmmaking besides the filming and editing skills is that you can feel his passion and interest for people, their thoughts and motivations, their problems and fears. this is much more than fancy pictures of some daredevil yet faceless athletes. this is about humans. this is something with soul.

listen to my flow

flow is key. they got it. or, as a comment puts it: “its insane cuz of the swag level he has”

HIP HOP 1on1 Final | Funkin Styles 2011 | World Team Battle | YAK FILMS


163rd post

okay, so that’s one of the coolest things  i’ve seen lately (also, i dare say, that’s the best music ever chosen for such a video…):

DO IT – Slip’n Slide (EP01)

yeah, this, too:

Tru Freedom (Slow Mo Freerunning)


bboy powermoves, but you know, of the unbelievable kind; add a killer beat and the result is something like this:

LIL AMOK & PETAIR – 2 HARD 2 BITE (HD) (look at the iron wrist!)

skating! wild! anarchic! crazy! batman!

Leeside Skateboard Mayhem

Juan Rayos filmed a “Roadtrip in Spain with the Longboard Girls Crew”. It’s exquisitly filmed and edited, and what’s not to like about girls longboarding into the sunset? So far there are 3 of 4 parts out. Watch the first one here:

Endless Roads 1 – Yellow Horizons

matt emig

new video with the leftovers from his last video i posted back in june. i even prefer this one because it uses original sound.

Matt Emig Deleted Scenes (Reelex)


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