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168th post

acrobatic slacklining, highlining combined with base jumping etc. the title says sketchy. well, some things in there are just scary:

Sketchy Andy Lewis Show Reel 2011


bboy battle. madness:

Bboy Lilou & Brahim vs Kevo & Stripes

thx to YAKfilms. they are fantastic!


swag: check

look at her dancing. i mean, right there everything comes together perfectly. i’m in awe:

Soraya “Who is he” Ladies of Hip Hop | YAK FILMS | Brooklyn New York

new showreel from nikki stanley (i think i still like skills on fire better, though):

Nikki Stanley – Eclipse (OFFICIAL)

listen to my flow

flow is key. they got it. or, as a comment puts it: “its insane cuz of the swag level he has”

HIP HOP 1on1 Final | Funkin Styles 2011 | World Team Battle | YAK FILMS



bboy powermoves, but you know, of the unbelievable kind; add a killer beat and the result is something like this:

LIL AMOK & PETAIR – 2 HARD 2 BITE (HD) (look at the iron wrist!)

skating! wild! anarchic! crazy! batman!

Leeside Skateboard Mayhem

Juan Rayos filmed a “Roadtrip in Spain with the Longboard Girls Crew”. It’s exquisitly filmed and edited, and what’s not to like about girls longboarding into the sunset? So far there are 3 of 4 parts out. Watch the first one here:

Endless Roads 1 – Yellow Horizons

feel the powah!

these guys are on fire! and they are fast! damn they are fast! so much energy! fuck yeah!

All The Way Live Philippines l Finals | STRIFE.TV

155th post

yeah, it’s been a while and lots of cool videos showed up on my subscriptions but in my mind they are all overshadowed by this project i stumbled upon. it’s about dancing in the public (kind of improvised flashmob style) and on my awesomeness scale public dancing is a favorite. this is the trailer:

Official Tailer: Girl Walk // All Day

there are twelve episodes, getting better and better as the story unfolds. it’s filled to the brink with ardor, love and childlike joy. watch it and be amazed:

movement of course

there’s tricking and it’s good:

The Legendary Will Coneys

Phil Gibbs ‘Way To Dawn’ 2011 Sampler!

then there’s this. kind of scary. in an artistic way, watch it:

NextLevel Squad “Zilla March” New York Flexing

bboying (yeah, bgirls too!):

Top 5 Sets | OUTBREAK 7 |

Roxy vs Macca | STRIFE.TV | Outbreak 7

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