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sign of life

Krap Invaders 3 OFFICIAL Video Report – Freerunning




‘Storror’s Belgium Business’ – Episode 96

so yeah, ok

over one month since the last post, so finally, some new (or not so new) videos…

tricking is officially not underground anymore since red bull held the first world tricking championships. and let me tell you, the best trickers out there are still getting better. pure awesomeness:

Martial Arts Tricking Sampler – “Make Some Noise” @ HKPK World Tricking Championships 2012

videos from the battles here.

incredible stuff comes from oli lemieux. his air awareness is justĀ  mind blowing. this one actually scared me a little bit:

Oli lemieux freerunning Trampoline Wall


new storror episode:

‘Cheese Scone Pro-ing’ – Episode 94



holy shit! good shit.

Easter. Parkour.

175th post

yes, they are good. very good.

Tampere Open 2012 Last Session


Erik Mukhametshin happy birthday

shade erik recovery 2012

173rd post

what is parkour? people can fight endlessly about definitions concerning parkour and freerunning. is all of this parkour? i don’t care. but i know it’s freakin’ good:

EEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSS BUDGET – Episode laut aber nah ft. fett und faul

the old white lotus is closed but there was one last orgy gathering. the group battle was… well, see for yourself:

Sick: Flipping & Tricking Battle! [ORIGINAL HD]

this here is a badass old lady. yes, that’s a planche right there. how cool is that? can you do that?

86-year old Johanna Quaas demonstration on PB – “Turnier Der Meister” Cottbus 2012

also watch her floor skills!

do it

yes! do it! really nothing more to say…

DO IT – Rindenmulchsand (EP03)

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