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procrastination: to put off or defer (an action) until a later time

as the title sugests, i ‘ve been meaning to do this for a while now. lots of new videos out there… since i have to make a start somewhere i might as well begin with parkour/freerunning stuff. here we go:

shade, so creative, so much flow. all he needs is a table:

shade & sheva (day).avi

more here and here

Tapp Bros vs Coldplay

the ape connection released some new feel good/lifestyle videos:


and Vienna

then there’s this:

Some Some 2011

the guys from storrorblog stay unpredictable:

Urban Crashmat

Sacha Powell has re-edited the Storror Summer in six parts, and it’s worth it to watch them all. here’s part five:

Storror Summer: Malta Cliff Diving



this one somehow went under my radar, but here it is now anyway:

Storror Summer

it has a lenght of 19 minuntes and is by the same guys who brought you chaps on tour. enjoy!

military stuff

actually, no, not at all. check it out:

Modern Warfare – Epic Tower Jump

have fun

the title says it all. awesome.



but, really, you have to watch the whole thing:



The “GoPro” is a camera especially designed for action sports. but see for yourself as here are the

GoPro 2010 Highlights

I’ve already mentioned “SuperStoker” before, a site the collects various videos featuring all kinds of  “extreme sports” (does that sound familiar?).  This is their 2010 edit:

Best Of Extreme Sports 2010 – Part 1

very cool stuff

new dustin shepard video featuring sammy vasquez and some mighty tricking:

Sammy Vasquez

he can also be seen together with the usual suspects at a recent tricking battle (highly recommended! keep in mind that this is NOT on a spring floor!!!):

Trick Battle Final on Stage at the US Open ISKA Championship 2010

this one is about rope swinging (yes, it looks like insane fun…):

Truckee river rope swing


so much style, rollerskating parkour-like:

Mathieu Ledoux

hm, that’s some sort of twisted combination of bungee jumping and base jumping:

go fast reverse bungee jump

some fun cliff diving:

shotgun cliff jumping

and some serious cliff diving at really (really!) awesome locations:

some random hole in the jungle

some canyon in bosnia-herzegowina

and so on…

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