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swag: check

look at her dancing. i mean, right there everything comes together perfectly. i’m in awe:

Soraya “Who is he” Ladies of Hip Hop | YAK FILMS | Brooklyn New York

new showreel from nikki stanley (i think i still like skills on fire better, though):

Nikki Stanley – Eclipse (OFFICIAL)


matt emig

new video with the leftovers from his last video i posted back in june. i even prefer this one because it uses original sound.

Matt Emig Deleted Scenes (Reelex)


dream on

it’s a tricking compilation and the somewhat low quality can’t flaw the true beauty displayed here. this is terrific:

Dream On



dustin shepard made a great tricking video – again:

Matt Emig – 2011 Reelex


and there’s this:

Micah Karns Spring Break 2011(edit by Tony Fay)


i like this:

Nikki Stanley – Skills On Fire

mean kids

it’s been a while since the last martial arts video. here we go:

100 Percent Performance 2011 Preseason Sampler


well, it’s saure gurken zeit so this is not too serious…

this here is a great video (with an awful tune but embrace it nevertheless…), these people look like they enjoy life and isn’t that what it’s all about?


damien walters recently uploaded a new video:

Damien gets his Ass kicked