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strictly speaking this is some kind of ad, a cool one though (i think the editing is a bit messy):



update. overdue.

i’ll make it short.

i just love it. i hope they keep ’em coming:


well, tricking when drilled in (korean) tkd looks pretty awesome. watch those KICKS:


graceful parkour:

Swim or sink. Parkour

and a teaser for the next upcoming movie of msp. amazing as usual:

Attack of La Niña Teaser


Recently matchstickproductions published a bunch of video segments of their amazing freeski movies. i recommend them all. the whole movies are even better of course…

you can watch them here:

msp on youtube

i especially recommend the Shane McConkey tribute. he certainly was one of THE action sports heroes of our time:

Shane McConkey “IN DEEP, the skiing experience”


The “GoPro” is a camera especially designed for action sports. but see for yourself as here are the

GoPro 2010 Highlights

I’ve already mentioned “SuperStoker” before, a site the collects various videos featuring all kinds of  “extreme sports” (does that sound familiar?).  This is their 2010 edit:

Best Of Extreme Sports 2010 – Part 1

boring freerunning, magical skiing

so there have been a couple of new freerun videos released. some of the wfpf athletes were on an east coast tour, danny ilabaca’ s first videos of his parkour tour emerged, as well as videos of the art of motion in boston. but (at least for me) they are rather boring, lacking some sort of magic. Their editing reminds me of annoying mtv-clips. (the one about parkour in the uk however ist quite interesting, i think)

which finally brings us to a quite magical champagne powder bath and the very reason for this post:

Deep snow at The Canyons P.O.V

“The winner is the one with the biggest smile at the end of the day”

Ich weiß jetzt nicht genau ob das einer der Rider in “Seven Sunny Days” oder “Claim” gesagt hat (beides sehr sehr empfehlenswerte freeski-filme von matchstick productions, ausschnitte davon auch in DIESEM famosen musikvideo, unbedingt bis 3:36 ansehen!), aber jedenfalls fasst es sehr schön zusammen, was  alle “freien” bzw. freestyle-sportarten unter anderem ausmacht.

Videos die diesen lifestyle und spaß besonders gut transportieren (im freerunning), sind zb Out Of Time von und mit der truppe rund um Oleg Vorslav, oder auch Summer Daze, oder auch DAS hier (feat. einige der bekannten freerunning helden, wie zb tim shieff oder danny ilabaca)…

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