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this is a feature about team “skywalkers”. lenght is about 22 minutes. base jumping starts around 7:30 and it’s rad! wind tunnel stuff starting @ 15:40 is awesome too.

this is the shit

the shit

i mean, this is it! i hope you are sitting comfortably… cause this is a wild ride

This was our GoPro 2010


The “GoPro” is a camera especially designed for action sports. but see for yourself as here are the

GoPro 2010 Highlights

I’ve already mentioned “SuperStoker” before, a site the collects various videos featuring all kinds of  “extreme sports” (does that sound familiar?).  This is their 2010 edit:

Best Of Extreme Sports 2010 – Part 1

it’s fantastic

nämlich speedriding/speedflying: die sehr junge “extremform” des gleitschirmfliegens.

“it’s fantastic – a speedflying documentary”

Speedriding in Wengen (mit barrel rolls! unbedingt über 1:30 hinaus schauen!)