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strictly speaking this is some kind of ad, a cool one though (i think the editing is a bit messy):




well, you gotta see it to believe it. you can call it incredible, insane, or you can just watch and gasp now an then:

Windsurfing Jaws – The mother of all waves with Jason Polakow  (surfing starts @ 2:40)

throw away your television…

…the good stuff is on the internet, e.g. this movie about two guys and their surf trip to indonesia. it’s awesome!

Selamat Jalan, Indonesia 2010

all kinds of shit. the best kinds. seriously.

Mitch Rawlins’ final trailer for his body boarding project. you’ve never seen shots like this, i promise.  fullscreen hd is obligatory:

Hiding From Comfort: Final Tease

longboarding. doesn’t get any more rock’n roll than that:

Big Dave Mic’d at the SLAP
Don’t Get Slapped!

parkour/climbing at a very famous spot (david belle used to train there), using a go pro. yes, it will scare you. yes, your palms will get sweaty:

Parkour Tour – Dame du Lac climb
and finally, a bit off, but definitly worth watching (fullscreen!!!), some snorkeling. do you like jellyfish?

so much fun – devinsupertramp

make a story using these words: sunny day, bikes, pond, ramp


watch this:

Huge Bike Jump into a Pond 35 feet in the air

not bad either:

World’s widest slip and slide

all kinds of awesome shit

first, check out skimboarding! it’s like skating in the sea! it’s sunny and warm and summerly and the music is perfect:

Paulo Prietto Professional Skimboarding

second, there’s kids tricking. make sure to watch the end of the video featuring mica karns (turn off the sound and listen to this while watching):

kids these days


third, we’ ve got a nitro circus video which unfortunatly is somehow badly edited but still worth watching:

Nitro Circus Live – Newcastle Albury Highlights

body board

i know, the next update is long overdue but there are just too many pk/fr videos lately…can’t watch them all and most of them look all the same to me anyway…

so,  this is something summerly:

Mitch Rawlins

hiding from comfort

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