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when everything comes together as it’s supposed to, it feels something like this:

Kilian Martin: Altered Route


end of endless roads

finally, this is part 4 (which sadly is the last part) of the marvellous endless roads series. i enjoyed this so much:

Endless Roads 4 – Costa da Morte


jokke sommer, flying like a boss (this stuff is becoming ridiculous!):

Dream Lines Part III – Wingsuit proximity by Jokke Sommer


that’s heikki from team unito. stylish kicks:

Heikki 2012 – Magnum Opus


These are rad people:

Pariah Trailer


bboy powermoves, but you know, of the unbelievable kind; add a killer beat and the result is something like this:

LIL AMOK & PETAIR – 2 HARD 2 BITE (HD) (look at the iron wrist!)

skating! wild! anarchic! crazy! batman!

Leeside Skateboard Mayhem

Juan Rayos filmed a “Roadtrip in Spain with the Longboard Girls Crew”. It’s exquisitly filmed and edited, and what’s not to like about girls longboarding into the sunset? So far there are 3 of 4 parts out. Watch the first one here:

Endless Roads 1 – Yellow Horizons

the thin line…

…between freedom and anarchy will not be discussed here. enjoy the videos…


first, there are people inlineskating shanghai. very cinematic feel to it; great music, awesome filming:

Pierre Lelievre & Anthony Finocchiaro’ in CHINA


then there are these skaters who obviously don’t give a shit about laws or regulations; they just do:

New York Clip 12 – Rush Hour

New York Clip 11 – Subway Skating

the usual awesomeness

first, a short film, featuring a unnecessary plot and some of the most badass freerunning. huge jumps:

Storm Origins – Concrete Circus Freerun Film

second, amazing bboying:

Squadron vs Skill Methodz vs War Machine | STRIFE.TV | United Styles 6 Finals

all kinds of shit. the best kinds. seriously.

Mitch Rawlins’ final trailer for his body boarding project. you’ve never seen shots like this, i promise.  fullscreen hd is obligatory:

Hiding From Comfort: Final Tease

longboarding. doesn’t get any more rock’n roll than that:

Big Dave Mic’d at the SLAP
Don’t Get Slapped!

parkour/climbing at a very famous spot (david belle used to train there), using a go pro. yes, it will scare you. yes, your palms will get sweaty:

Parkour Tour – Dame du Lac climb
and finally, a bit off, but definitly worth watching (fullscreen!!!), some snorkeling. do you like jellyfish?