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this is jetman and he flys. nuff said:




jokke sommer, flying like a boss (this stuff is becoming ridiculous!):

Dream Lines Part III – Wingsuit proximity by Jokke Sommer


that’s heikki from team unito. stylish kicks:

Heikki 2012 – Magnum Opus


These are rad people:

Pariah Trailer


ok, one day before the release of this, you get a trailer of another wingsuit documentary which will be awesome as well. check it out:

BIRDMEN: The Original Dream of Flight TRAILER


wingsuit badass jeb corliss, famous for his close-to-the-edge flights came a bit too close back in january. the association with icarus is actually not quite appropriate, since jeb certainly will jump again. i think phoenix is the better term… anyway, here’s the crash video:

Jeb Corliss – Grounded

if you are interested in graphic images, you can check out his injured leg on jeb’s blog.

sebastien montaz-rosset

remember this name! he’s the one who brought you “i believe i can fly” and his next project about geraldine fasnacht is on the way, to be released on march 8th.

One Step Beyond trailer

what i love so much about his filmmaking besides the filming and editing skills is that you can feel his passion and interest for people, their thoughts and motivations, their problems and fears. this is much more than fancy pictures of some daredevil yet faceless athletes. this is about humans. this is something with soul.

job talk

robert pecnik nonchalantly talks about his job sounding almost bored, as if he was a bus driver, not a wingsuit pilot. i think thats hilarious, considering the shown footage:

Need4Speed: Insight

but after all, you know, for him it’s just daily routine…


hard to believe, but this wingsuit-stuff is still getting crazier:

The Need 4 Speed: Mountain Carving

fear of heights? don’t watch this one. seriously:

Czech BASE Team – Swiss 2011

you can handle it

so, as announced earlier, watch this:

damien walters 2011 official showreel

i believe i can fly full 40mins documentary! only available for a limited time!!! just click play you can still dowload it here for a few bucks…

bonus vid:

Old man doing turtle freeze on a bottle

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