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hold tight!

and enjoy the ride (really, i don’t know what to say…this is just beyond):

Phoenix-Fly: The Need 4 Speed

You can close your mouth now…


do your thing

a missing leg ain’t an excuse anymore:

Tommy Gunz vs Mig187

this guy aimed for the back handspring record but hurt his arm before. so he did the record one handed. no biggie, is it?

1 in 6 billion

also, there’s Max Runham who actually has one arm and doing some amazing parkour (you might have spotted him in earlier videos here on this blog):

start of summer

things to do on a bike

it’s like a videogame but real:

Crankworx Whistler – Mike Montgomery’s Slopestyle Run

i think i don’t like this guy, but i wonder if he’s ever played “GTA: San Andreas”…

Run 4 Cover

dancing grandpa and more

so, i found this today:

dancing grandpa (thanks, DaveDempsey)

and immediately these videos came to my mind, directed by brilliant Spike Jonze:

Praise You

Weapon Of Choice

freerunning – getting better and better

summer is over and new videos are popping out everywhere… i dig the russian/latvian stuff the most. it’s just so fresh and crazy:

gysich sleep video

Pasha – Flow

Pasha & Stas Sands of Time

acro days – acro friends

skate stuff

i feel kinda bad for not posting any “normal” skateboarding videos up until now…which is right about to change:

Here are a few of  Brett Novak’s fantastic skate-vids that are all perfectly filmed and edited (and share a great choice of music!):

july 2010 – a short skate film

kilian martin: a skate escalation

kilian martin: freestyle skateboarding

wheelchair double back flip

remember this post?

aaron fotheringham has finally done it:

the bible flip

(thx to superstoker)