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procrastination: to put off or defer (an action) until a later time

as the title sugests, i ‘ve been meaning to do this for a while now. lots of new videos out there… since i have to make a start somewhere i might as well begin with parkour/freerunning stuff. here we go:

shade, so creative, so much flow. all he needs is a table:

shade & sheva (day).avi

more here and here

Tapp Bros vs Coldplay

the ape connection released some new feel good/lifestyle videos:


and Vienna

then there’s this:

Some Some 2011

the guys from storrorblog stay unpredictable:

Urban Crashmat

Sacha Powell has re-edited the Storror Summer in six parts, and it’s worth it to watch them all. here’s part five:

Storror Summer: Malta Cliff Diving


job talk

robert pecnik nonchalantly talks about his job sounding almost bored, as if he was a bus driver, not a wingsuit pilot. i think thats hilarious, considering the shown footage:

Need4Speed: Insight

but after all, you know, for him it’s just daily routine…

feel the powah!

these guys are on fire! and they are fast! damn they are fast! so much energy! fuck yeah!

All The Way Live Philippines l Finals | STRIFE.TV

people are awesome

i love it.

Aerialist Seanna Sharpe 285ft. Over The Williamsburg Bridge

“It is one of my goals to do something new every week – to see something different, to open my mind, to have an explosive experience. People are hungry for change, and even hungrier for imagination: for therein lies our freedom.”

155th post

yeah, it’s been a while and lots of cool videos showed up on my subscriptions but in my mind they are all overshadowed by this project i stumbled upon. it’s about dancing in the public (kind of improvised flashmob style) and on my awesomeness scale public dancing is a favorite. this is the trailer:

Official Tailer: Girl Walk // All Day

there are twelve episodes, getting better and better as the story unfolds. it’s filled to the brink with ardor, love and childlike joy. watch it and be amazed:

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Now with pictures!

you know, to get a hint of what to expect...
also, they say a picture says more than a thousand words