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all kinds of shit. the best kinds. seriously.

Mitch Rawlins’ final trailer for his body boarding project. you’ve never seen shots like this, i promise.  fullscreen hd is obligatory:

Hiding From Comfort: Final Tease

longboarding. doesn’t get any more rock’n roll than that:

Big Dave Mic’d at the SLAP
Don’t Get Slapped!

parkour/climbing at a very famous spot (david belle used to train there), using a go pro. yes, it will scare you. yes, your palms will get sweaty:

Parkour Tour – Dame du Lac climb
and finally, a bit off, but definitly worth watching (fullscreen!!!), some snorkeling. do you like jellyfish?

more than jumps

it’s online! finally!

More Than Jumps

so much fun – devinsupertramp

make a story using these words: sunny day, bikes, pond, ramp


watch this:

Huge Bike Jump into a Pond 35 feet in the air

not bad either:

World’s widest slip and slide

good stuff (what else)

this is a post i actually had planned on publishing a while ago…

ShadeZlat + others showing their “standard” gymnastic skills during a training session:


Anis Cheurfa casually demonstrating some stunning tricking combos:

lil combo 1






Erik and Shade | TRUE parkour only vol.1


this is a feature about team “skywalkers”. lenght is about 22 minutes. base jumping starts around 7:30 and it’s rad! wind tunnel stuff starting @ 15:40 is awesome too.

this is the shit

kicks n flips

Sean Ellis better known as Seshoumaru kicks like no other (chuck norris would shit his pants):

Sesshoumaru-Fall Training
Sesshoumaru- 2010 Fall Sampler

those here are the youngsters, you should already know them:

Hyper Final Team Trick Battle at Ocean State Grand Nationals 2011