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breaking the law

this is probably why i created this blog. because i want to show mindblowing stuff. stuff that makes you scream or laugh or cry, stuff that gives you goose bumps, that makes you hold on to your chair, bite your lip, open your eyes wide.

this video is one of the best i’ve ever seen, 20 minutes of pure awesomeness:

All Styles | Breaking The Law
(for a 1:40 teaser click here)

fresh stuff

again, video quality sucks, the moves definitly don’t. very creative stuff:


all kinds of stuff

tricking, how it should be filmed and edited:

Donovan Sheehan – The GOP 3 “Quest”

freerunning, how it should be done (smooth and elegant) but not be filmed (the video quality hurts but does not succeed in destroying the content):

Alliance good times

longboard sliding:

Coast Slide Jam

kiddie skating:

The Twins


over a year ago i linked to a few pretty cool nike commercials. now there’s a new adidas commercial out. it was directed by Romain Gavras and boy, he knows what he’s doing!

adidas is all in (full 2 mins version)

adidas is all in


…is not an option when you want to do some highlining. the sensation must be pretty amazing and you’ll get a glimpse of that feeling if you watch these beautifully filmed, breathtaking videos:

SKYLINERS – A Documentary by Seb Montaz (wait for ca. 7:30!)
Send it sistah!


long time, no post…nothing to show, really.

this underground random tricking video is already 5 months old but if features jeremy marinas (let’s hope he’ll release a new sampler soon)!

london lights

typical skatehousmedia longboarding: laid back, warm, sunny california style:

Hey Ma’

if you liked it, then you shoulda put a ring on it

there should be more people who don’t give a shit. this is seriously aweseome (shame about the quality though):

Billy Jackson – Single Ladies

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