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182nd post

ok, this is some ring action and it’s nothing like gymnastics…

Rings At The Break Of Dawn – Santa Monica Traveling Rings


here’s another recap-video of the world tricking championships including slowmo and brilliant video quality:




so yeah, ok

over one month since the last post, so finally, some new (or not so new) videos…

tricking is officially not underground anymore since red bull held the first world tricking championships. and let me tell you, the best trickers out there are still getting better. pure awesomeness:

Martial Arts Tricking Sampler – “Make Some Noise” @ HKPK World Tricking Championships 2012

videos from the battles here.

incredible stuff comes from oli lemieux. his air awareness is just  mind blowing. this one actually scared me a little bit:

Oli lemieux freerunning Trampoline Wall


new storror episode:

‘Cheese Scone Pro-ing’ – Episode 94


rope swings and other stuff

you probably know this one. don’t get me wrong but the fancy mtv-thing with all the laughing faces is too much for me, too forced and too clean. i prefer this one here (adrenaline rush included):

GOPRO HD Crazy Arch Rope Jumping Madness!!!!

after all the madonna superbowl madness he chose to disappear in thailand. wtf teaser here and here:


this is a 16min longish documentary with loads of tricklining (you know, flips and stuff):

Slacklife Chile – A GIBBON Slackline Documentary




163rd post

okay, so that’s one of the coolest things  i’ve seen lately (also, i dare say, that’s the best music ever chosen for such a video…):

DO IT – Slip’n Slide (EP01)

yeah, this, too:

Tru Freedom (Slow Mo Freerunning)

people are awesome

i love it.

Aerialist Seanna Sharpe 285ft. Over The Williamsburg Bridge

“It is one of my goals to do something new every week – to see something different, to open my mind, to have an explosive experience. People are hungry for change, and even hungrier for imagination: for therein lies our freedom.”

Human Slingshot Slip and Slide

devinsupertramp did it again und made an awesome feelgood video:

Human Slingshot Slip and Slide

being cool…

…is what this is all about. including flippin’ and dancin’. enjoy:

Bad Boy Good Man!

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